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Calculating Income for Child Support Purposes – Gomez v. Gomez

One of the factors that courts look at in setting a child support award is each parent’s income. As New Jersey’s Superior Court explained in a recent ruling, a judge has the right to consider both what a parent is actually making and what he or she could be making. Husband and Wife were married Read More

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Who Hears New Jersey Child Support Cases When the Parents Live in Different States? Nolan v. Gaeckler

Things change after spouses divorce, including their area codes. When they have kids, one parent’s decision to move to another state can raise a number of legal issues related to child custody and support. New Jersey’s Superior Court recently looked at one of those issues:  which court should have the authority to consider changes to Read More

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Arbitration – Paying for Your Kids’ Education Costs after a Divorce – Biser v. Levine

When a married couple decides to divorce, one of the many issues that often comes up is how they’ll pay for their kids’ education. New Jersey’s Superior Court recently took on this issue in a case concerning a young woman’s costs for medical school. As the Court explained, the answer varies based on the individual Read More

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Domestic Abuse, Arbitration in New Jersey Divorce Cases – Ivery-Little v. Little

Domestic violence and abuse allegations are unfortunately a common part of many divorce cases in New Jersey. State law allows a person to sue his/her spouse if there was personal injury from the abuse as part of a divorce proceeding. In New Jersey, this is called a Tevis claim.  The law also allows divorcing spouses to use Read More

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Moving Away with a Child after a Divorce – Ramineni v. Ramineni

When a couple splits, they often go their own ways geographically. A new job, family obligations, or just the need for a fresh start are all good reasons to get out of town, but there are tricky legal issues that can come up if you’re sharing custody of your kids with an ex. New Jersey’s Read More

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