Emotional Support for Family Matters

A family lawyer’s work as a “Counselor at Law” may involve some limited family and marriage counseling related to the legal advice being provided. However, the lawyer does not provide psychological or family therapy. Professional marriage and family therapy services can include both pre-marital, pre and post-divorce counseling, therapy and family therapy. Trained licensed therapists, psychologists or psychiatrist apply methods to resolve psychological conflict, altering old attitudes and establishing new ones in the area of marriage and family life. Marriages go through many events and changes with consequences that require adjustments as individuals and family members.

If a marriage fails, professional therapeutic advice can help the parties and individuals resolve their problems or adjust to the changes and new life ahead. Such professionals assist in custody, domestic violence and issues involving the attitudes, behavior, and welfare of the parties and their children and reconciliation when desired. Choices are being made at a stressful time.

Many divorces also unfortunately involve the mental illness or behavior problems of one or both of the parties as well as drug or alcohol abuse.  If children are involved it is prudent to have a psychological or psychiatric expert to evaluate the parties to determine if there is  a risk posed or what is in the best interest of the children under these circumstances.

According to the law, an experienced matrimonial attorney will represent and advise the client as to what is reasonable in areas such as alimony, support, economic issues, parenting time/custody, and issues to be addressed in the settlement or trial if it becomes necessary.

A licensed therapist or counselor can help the client cope with the emotional part. Certain medical plans may provide coverage for the costs of the therapy. This is for treatment.  An expert can and should be hired if there is a mental health or substance issue involved as well.

The costs of a psychologist chosen by the Court to give an expert opinion about parental fitness or custody will not be covered by insurance. This is for an expert opinion for litigation and is not treatment.

Even the most successful people are emotionally effected by a divorce.  It is a good idea to help oneself by consulting a therapist during the divorce to maintain stability and have an objective person to “lean on” during this process and learn tools and skills to help navigate the situation now and in the future.

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