Introducing the Certified Matrimonial Attorney Tanya Helfand Advice from a Matrimonial Attorney on How to Choose the Best Attorney for Your Divorce Attorney Helfand Finds That Most Parties Seeking a Divorce Are Just Looking for a Fair Settlement Are There Common Reasons for Divorce? Are There Common Misconceptions about Divorce? Both Parties Can Have Completely Different Expectations during Divorce Proceedings Are There Advantages in Mediating Your Divorce Instead of Having the Case Heard By a Judge? Which Party Does a Mediator Represent? Is it One Spouse or Both? The Factor of Long-Term and Short-Term Marriages in a Divorce Will Custody of the Children Always Be Awarded to the Mother? Are You Seeking Spousal Support? How Is Alimony Calculated? Are There Limits That Apply to Spousal Support? How Does Having A Pre-nup Affect Alimony? How Does Increased Age Affect Alimony? How Does Having Children Affect Alimony Calculations? Does Infidelity Affect How Much Alimony You Will Receive? When Determining Support, What Happens If A Spouse Refuses to Return To Work? Can You Receive Alimony Indefinitely? Has Your Spouse Stopped Paying Alimony Or Child Support? What Causes Alimony Cases To Drag On In Court? What Are The Tax Implications Of Alimony And Child Support? How Much Child Support Will You Receive? How Does Shared Child Custody Affect Child Support? Will the Courts Place Child Support Ahead of Alimony in Order of Importance? What Happens To Child Support When A Child Turns 18? Can Bankruptcy Filing Affect Alimony, Child Support or Other Court-Ordered Maintenance Payments? Lifestyle Changes and Financial Status Following a Divorce Upcoming Changes in New Jersey Alimony 2013 Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, Litigation Which Party Does a Mediator Represent? Is it One Spouse or Both? Children’s Issues How Does Length Of Marriage Affect Amount Of Alimony?
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