Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, Litigation

Tanya N. Helfand, Esq. is a Certified Matrimonial Attorney who is trained in collaborative divorce, mediation, and litigation.

Collaborative law, mediation, and arbitration are alternative dispute resolution proceedings. These methods are not regulated by the court process. There are no time deadlines for moving a case through various stages, such as filing a Complaint, filing an Answer, propounding discovery, and retaining experts.

Both parties must agree to use the collaborative law process. Each party has their own lawyer who agrees to use collaborative law. Both parties should have a history of non-coercive behavior toward each other.

There is a professional team involved in the collaborative process to assist the parties in communication and to focus on problem solving. There can be a neutral coach and child specialist who are licensed mental health professionals to assist the parties through the divorce process.

Divorce can be filled with conflict because emotions override reasonable thinking. Most divorces settle. The financial and emotional costs of the divorce depend upon the parties’ desire to be fair.

Tanya Helfand at Schenck Price always seeks to amicably settle the case rather than engage in continuous actions. Whatever the method used, we encourage fairness, truthful and prompt disclosure, careful attention to the children’s needs, and approach the issues with respect for all parties.

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