A DWI in the State of New Jersey and Your Driver’s License

Interviewer: We’re going to cover some DMV questions. Now, as a new client, most of these will be from the perspective of, “I’m looking for an attorney following a DWI charge.” What happens to my driver’s license after I am arrested for a DWI?

An Arrest Is Not a Conviction and You Are Innocent until Proven Guilty

Jacqueline: At the time of arrest, nothing happens. An arrest is not a conviction. Your license will not be affected until you have had access to the Courts and an opportunity to defend yourself. If you’re found not guilty, there is no effect on your license, whatsoever.

If You Are Convicted of DWI, the Penalties Are Substantial, Which Is Why the Court Requires You to Have Legal Representation

It is a different matter if you have been found guilty or have pled to a charge of DWI. Then with regard to the penalties, all of the courts virtually in New Jersey would require that you have an attorney simply because the penalties are very substantial and can include a jail term.

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