In my opinion, I think this is good lawyering when you say to the client, “Look, this is your best day in court. This is your worst day in court.” It is possible to calculate what the best award is and what the worst award is that you can get from the judge because there is a law.

New Jersey and New York Judges Do Have to Follow Legal Parameters When Awarding Assets 

There is a parameter that the Courts work with. There is a scope that you’re working in and the scope can be very wide. The lawyer must have full knowledge of the financial circumstances of the parties, the nature of all of the income, assets and circumstances to present your case to a Judge for the best outcome.

Mediation or a Court Appearance: What Advice Should You Be Hearing from Your Attorney?

The right attorney will explain that in your best day in court, you’re going to get this. In your worst day in court you’re going to get this. The best advice after full discovery and negotiation is to come up with a fair figure that you can settle for rather than spending the money, the aggravation and time and appearing in court for an uncertain outcome.

A primary responsibility to my clients is to show each of them what they can get AND what they can lose. Following that, then have them decide if there is figure in between that they can live by and settle the case.