Bergen County Divorce Lawyers Provide Strong Counsel

Paramus attorneys handle custody, property and alimony matters

Ending your marriage is a difficult process that can affect you in many ways. Regardless of what specifically led to your divorce, hiring the right lawyer is the best way to face the challenges that lie ahead. With offices in Paramus and other area locations, Schenck Price offers spouses comprehensive legal support throughout the New Jersey marriage dissolution process. Whether your divorce is hotly contested or fairly amicable, we’ll work diligently to achieve appropriate terms relating to child custody, alimony, child support and property division. When possible, our seasoned attorneys use negotiation and mediation to reach a fair settlement while averting the time, expense and aggravation associated with going to trial.

How can a divorce attorney help you?

When you consult with a Paramus family lawyer at our firm, you’ll get personalized advice and honest answers to the questions you have on all types of divorce-related issues, such as:

  • Legal grounds — In New Jersey, you can receive a no-fault dissolution by demonstrating that there are irreconcilable differences between you and your spouse, or by showing that the two of you have lived apart for at least 18 months. State law still allows filing based on traditional fault grounds as well, including adultery and desertion.
  • Alternatives to trial — There are several ways to finalize a divorce without going to trial. Tanya Helfand is a certified New Jersey family law mediator who is also a skillful negotiator during settlement discussions and mediation sessions. You might also opt for a collaborative divorce, where you, your spouse and your respective attorneys work together by sharing information and retaining experts in pursuit of a mutually agreeable resolution. 
  • Same-sex divorce — Though the legal mechanics of divorce are the same for same-sex and opposite-sex couples, the legal restrictions that LGBT residents have faced can present challenges when a marriage ends. Having handled numerous same-sex divorces, we offer skillful counsel on specific issues spouses face relating to property division, child custody, tax issues and insurance.  

Our comprehensive divorce law representation includes the drafting, negotiation and enforcement of prenuptial agreements. 

North Jersey lawyers represent parents in custody and child support disputes

Despite their personal differences, parents should make a serious effort to resolve child custody issues on their own. Our firm works to bridge the gap on matters involving legal authority, residence and visitation. In the event that a compromise cannot be reached, we develop a thorough parenting plan and deliver a persuasive argument as to why the plan is in the child’s best interests. You can also rely on us for effective advocacy in disputes over child support, including issues related to the modification and enforcement of existing orders.

How does a judge make decisions regarding alimony and the division of marital assets?

New Jersey law holds that when divorcing spouses cannot agree on a division of marital property and debts, they are to be divided according to the principle of equitable distribution. This means that a judge decides based on what he or she thinks is fair after considering at several statutory factors and any other information they believe to be relevant. After reviewing the marital estate, our firm attempts to work out a fair resolution but is always ready to protect our clients’ interests in court. In cases where one spouse depends on the other’s income, alimony might be sought. We help potential payers and recipients pursue appropriate spousal support terms.

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