Morris County Firm Helps Couples Create Fair Prenuptial Agreements

New Jersey attorneys provide security in case a marriage ends

Preparing a marital or cohabitation agreement might seem like a difficult process, but with the right counsel from a knowledgeable attorney, you and your partner can protect yourselves in case the relationship ends. At Schenck Price, based in Florham Park, we believe that parties should work together to establish fair terms on key issues without excessive intrusion from lawyers. Whether you are looking for a prenuptial, postnuptial or cohabitation agreement, our firm strives to achieve consensus so that everyone has a clear understanding on issues such as property division and alimony.

Florham Park lawyers advise on marital and cohabitation pacts

As seasoned divorce lawyers for New Jersey clients, we understand how effective a strong marital agreement can be. If you are engaged, living together or recently married and seek to establish a measure of security, we can advise you on matters such as:

  • Terms — Unlike some family law attorneys, we don’t believe that a marital agreement’s sole function is to protect the party who happens to have more money. Both parties should gain a sense of security, particularly if they enter the marriage with existing children or significant financial assets.
  • Cohabitation agreements — New Jersey law states that if parties are unmarried and have no written agreement, there is no right to palimony for the supported individual if the couple breaks up. Unless you execute a legal document, you could end up with nothing even if you have taken care of your partner’s home and children for years.
  • Modification and enforcement — Changes in finances and other circumstances might render an existing marital agreement obsolete. We can review documents and help you make revisions that accurately reflect your current wishes. If your marriage or relationship is ending, our lawyers will assess the validity of your arrangements and work to enforce them.

Many people recognize the value of a prenuptial agreement but are hesitant to speak with a family law attorney because the process seems less than romantic. We have a different perspective. Communicating and cooperating on serious questions confers a sense of peace and happiness as you start a new chapter in your lives together.

Contact a New Jersey lawyer for a consultation regarding prenuptial agreements

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