New Jersey Mediators Guide Parties Towards Resolutions

Firm in Florham Park helps divorcing spouses agree on terms

Divorces and custody disputes are costly, time-consuming and stressful. Litigation adds to the burden, especially with the extensive civil case backlog that exists in New Jersey. Fortunately, there is an alternative that makes things easier for nearly everyone facing a family conflict. Through mediation, you can resolve the same type of issues that you normally would in a courtroom, but in a more cooperative and less rigid forum. At Schenck Price, we are skillful, experienced mediators who take the time to listen to both parties and advise them on the potential benefits of mediation. As seasoned litigators, we can also explain how your case might proceed if you go to court, so that you can make a confident decision about how to proceed. From our offices in Florham Park, our efficient, effective mediators foster open dialogue and help parties put hostility aside so that they can achieve resolutions that work for everyone.

What is meditation used for?

Mediation is particularly well suited to family law disagreements where the participants have a long history together and would prefer a private environment in which to deal issues such as:  

  • Child custody and visitation — Parents need to work together long after a divorce is finalized. Negotiating child custody and visitation agreements sets the tone for future cooperation.
  • Child support — Discussing child support terms can help parties address the unique needs of their sons and daughters, such as higher education costs and costly extracurricular activities.
  • Alimony — Following a divorce, many people are upset with the spousal support terms imposed by their judge. Negotiating alimony through mediation gives both parties a say in the outcome.
  • Property division — Spouses best understand the value of particular marital assets and can use mediation to make suitable compromises relating to property division.

Whether the mediation is for a divorce, a custody conflict or a requested post-dissolution modification, we are ready to help.

Benefits of mediation

Choosing to negotiate a settlement through mediation offers several benefits, such as:

  • Less time — While litigation could force you to wait years or more before you get to trial, mediation runs on your schedule. This gives you the ability to start the next chapter of your life without having to worry about legal procedure and court scheduling.
  • Lower costs — The longer a case goes, the more you will have to spend on attorney’s fees. Even exchanging information can be complicated and costly. Alternative dispute resolution reduces expenses at a time when you’re likely already feeling financial pressure.
  • More privacy — Instead of dealing with intimate issues in a public setting, mediation is typically conducted in a private office.
  • Less strain on mental health — Divorce is stressful enough, but a skillful mediator will help you and your spouse avoid upsetting distractions and identify creative solutions to the issues that are preventing you from reaching a settlement. 

No matter what leads you to seek the assistance of a mediator, our firm has the insight and professionalism that makes a positive difference during a difficult situation.

New Jersey attorneys guide parties through the mediation process

At the outset of mediation, each party can outline their priorities and concerns. This allows the mediator to give you a general roadmap as to how the process should go. Certain cases might require significant fact finding or expert information about the value of particular assets. If custody or visitation arrangements are at issue, it might be worthwhile to obtain feedback from a child psychologist or educational consultant. From the very start, our mediators offer honest, knowledgeable guidance to help dissuade parties from stances that aren’t supported by the law. At the same time, we can use various tools to help break an impasse so that you can achieve a suitable agreement and emerge from the mediation with terms that you both can live with.

Developing a comprehensive marital settlement agreement

The goal of the mediation process is to develop a marital settlement agreement that covers all relevant divorce terms. Once consensus is achieved, our attorneys draft a clear, reliable legal document that can be executed and submitted to the court for approval and incorporation into the marriage dissolution order. Even in cases where the parties have serious emotional conflicts, mediation often can work. However, if a comprehensive agreement cannot be completed, the case will proceed to trial. Even in these cases, however, certain aspects of the divorce might have been addressed during the mediation, reducing the areas of dispute that must go before the court.

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