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Department of Youth & Family Services Issues (DYFS)

Department of Youth & Family Services Issues (DYFS)

DYFS · DWI · Domestic Violence

Experienced Counsel for Parents in DYFS Matters, DWI and Domestic Violence

If DYFS is involved in an investigation you need representation. Jacqueline F. Pivawer, Esq. has handled numerous DYFS cases from the investigation stage through trial.

It is important that you obtain a lawyer from the very start. Sometimes DYFS will become involved because of a Domestic dispute. The police will contact DYFS if the children were present.

If a child is left in a car for a brief few minutes, if someone calls the police DYFS can substantiate the parent for neglect and you can be charged with child endangerment. Parents involved with DYFS can be law abiding, hardworking, educated, good people who would never harm their child.

The child does not have to be harmed. As long as there is a risk of harm, DYFS can open a case.

DYFS exists to protect children. It has extensive powers to eliminate your parental discretion. They can make you comply with their requirements before you can resume parenting without their direction and your compliance.

DYFS involvement in your life is very invasive. You need professional help to be sure your parental rights are protected. Jacqueline Pivawer is an experienced Family Law attorney.

Jacqueline F. Pivawer, Esq. is a former assistant Municipal Court prosecutor. She also handles DWI cases and all offenses in all municipal courts. She handles Domestic Violence Complaints for either party – the victim or the alleged perpetrator.

For DYFS, DWI and Domestic Violence, Jacqueline F. Pivawer, Esq. can be relied upon to always work hard, and with competence, and carefully to get her client the best possible result.

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