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Prenups and Why You Should Consider One

“Prenups” or most commonly referred to as premarital agreement are more common than most people think. What exactly is a prenup? A prenuptial agreement is a contract entered into prior to Read More

When an Evaluation is Necessary in Determining Custody

Child custody can be the most complicated aspect of divorces. In some cases, the parties may not be able to reach a custody agreement or the parties may not know Read More

Can You Get a Divorce Now in Our NJ Courts “During/Post-Covid”?

The majority of cases are proceeding in the same fashion as pre-COVID. 98-99% of cases are settled. An extremely small percentage are tried. It is true that the delay until Read More

Dividing Retirement Assets In Divorce - Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Retirement funds acquired during the marriage are marital assets subject to equitable distribution.   The first step is to get a valuation of the asset. Some pensions are not distributable until Read More

What Would A Judge Do?

IT’S IN HER DISCRETION.  SHOULD WE LEAVE IT TO HER OR TRY AND WORK IT OUT? Every day numerous judges throughout the State hear cases involving family matters. The Courts/Judges process Read More

Divorce And Retirement

Divorce after retirement requires application of the same statutory factors concerning equitable distribution and support, but with emphasis on issues relevant to those who have needs that differ from working families Read More

What Happens To Paying The Bills If We Separate Or A Divorce Is Filed?

A divorce is very emotional, but you will need to focus on how the bills will be paid.  The costs of a marital lifestyle can be much different than the Read More

How Does The Court Handle Alcoholism And Related Domestic Violence

If a husband or wife has a drinking problem, it affects the other spouse and the children. The drinking is often accompanied by rage and domestic violence.  Sometimes this has Read More

Divorce, Taxes And Other Debts

When parties divorce, their Property Settlement Agreement must address issues related to taxes. This includes but is not limited to Agreements on dependent deductions (which are different for State and Read More

What Do I Do If My Spouse Is An Alcoholic Or Takes Drugs?

I was once before a Judge in the Superior court of New Jersey on a Domestic Violence case and he said, “We have eighteen Judges here in this Court.  If Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 109 posts


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