How Aggressive Are the Larger Retail Establishments in Prosecuting Shoplifters?

Interviewer: And how aggressive are the large stores in prosecuting? Does it matter if you take a pack of gum, they’ll come after you or they just reserving it for bigger items?

The Larger Retail Establishments Are Likely to Press Charges against Shoplifters and the Penalties Are Substantial for Convictions

Jacqueline: No. They’re very, very aggressive, and the local courts that are in the same town as the shopping mall are also quite harsh in meting out the punishments. This is because they want to send a message out that if people shoplift the big stores, they’re going to sustain very heavy fines and penalties. They want to send a clear message to deter shoplifting in the malls.

Which Stores Are Likely to Prosecute Shoplifters?

Interviewer: What are some of the names of stores that frequently press charges against shoplifters?

Jacqueline: The big department stores, such as Lord & Taylor, Macy’s and the big anchor stores in malls, routinely prosecute shoplifters. People don’t realize that the cameras are there and that stores have staff monitoring the cameras.

The Larger Retail Establishments Utilize Both Camera and Staff Surveillance of Shoppers

They have personnel that are experienced enough to see what people are doing, and they have an understanding of people’s movements and they will focus in on a shopper who they believe is acting in a certain way and then catch them stealing merchandise.

There is staff sitting in a room for hours watching on cameras what’s going on throughout the entire store, and I think some people don’t realize somebody is actually watching them.

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