How Long May a Shoplifting Case Take to Resolve?

Interviewer: And how long will the whole process take for a shoplifting case, until it is completely resolved and an individual can then move on with their lives?

If You Retain an Attorney, You Waive Having to Attend a First Appearance and the Attorney Begins the Discovery Process

Jacqueline: It depends on the court calendar. The process begins when they are charged with the offense. There’s a first appearance. If they hire counsel, they don’t have to come in and enter a not guilty plea. Counsel can do it by mail, and then there’s the discovery process.

Most Shoplifting Cases Are Resolved in Sixty to Ninety Days

The attorney asks the store, if they have their own attorney, to provide the discovery, and makes an appointment to see the video and any written statements that have been made. That may take a few weeks. It’s very hard to say. It depends on how busy the courts are, but they’re normally resolved within about 60 at the very most, 90 days.

Restoring Normalcy after a Shoplifting Case

Interviewer: How long may it take until an individual can put the experience behind them and go back to normal life?

Jacqueline: Actually, most of my clients do not usually ask that question. I would say it is after the case is resolved and if they have had counseling to help them.

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