Both Parties Can Have Completely Different Expectations during Divorce Proceedings

Interviewer: I’ve heard about some celebrity divorces and it seems as if some people seem to have been railroaded. Why do you think that happens? It somewhat colors my view of divorce and I’m sure other peoples as well.

For example, Hulk Hogan seemed to have been completely destroyed in his divorce. Did he just not have a good lawyer or was that just an anomaly?

Tanya: Unfortunately I don’t know the specifics of Hulk Hogan’s divorce. Because I think I once or twice watched his TV show, it seemed to me like his wife was a stay-at-home mom, is that correct?

Some People Will Be Disgruntled No Matter What the Outcome of a Divorce Is

Interviewer: Yes, I think so.

Tanya: And he was the money-maker, I don’t know if she contributed to the business or participated in his entity at all, I have no idea. I don’t really want to make any comments specifically about that case because I know nothing about it per se, but the truth is, some people, even if they get a fair deal under the law, complain.

Some people look at their obligations and they don’t want to pay their obligations. Where another person might look at it and say, “That’s totally reasonable and fair, I’m happy to pay it. It’s my children. It’s my ex-wife, or it’s my ex-husband, I understand they need the money, period, the end.”

Some people will be ordered to pay a certain amount of money that may be reasonable and they’ll complain anyways. They’ll look at it, oh poor me, I’m the victim, I have to pay something.

You have to look at the particular facts. Sometimes people do get raw deals, but there are cases where people get a fair deal and they still don’t like it. Either you look at the cup as half full or half empty. No one usually comes out feeling like a winner. It is a compromise.

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